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For Emergency Preparedness and Survival Good Food comes from Good Seed. There is a Gardner in Everyone Just waiting to SPROUT! Preserving the Future with Quality 100% Non GMO and Non Hybrid Heirloom Seeds! Stay informed of legislation that can remove your rights to produce and save Seeds. Heirloom Seeds are passed down through the Generations with the same Traits Planting after Planting, Season after Season, Generation after Generation. It is so important that we reserve our right to grow healthy, untainted food! Grow your own healthy food with VICTORY GARDENS Heirloom Seeds. There is something so satisfying about planting and growing your own Food! We have chosen the best seeds available, and have signed The Safe Seed Pledge through The Council for Responsible Genetics! We only sell seeds of Top Quality and High Germination Rates!

bonnie cotten

I come from a long line of Gardeners and Farmers, was raised on a farm, and both Myself and my Children inherited the trait of Gardening, and now my Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren are learning to Garden, however the two year olds have a tendency to pick the crop before it is ripe!

I think it is so important to teach healthy eating, so therefore healthy growing with 100% Non GMO, and 100% Non Hybrid seed.

You will never go hungry as long as you Plant, Grow, and Save Seeds

Victory gardens owner